June 02


Charly graciously opened his studio to my friends and I on a Sunday.  We had the best time.  We were able to see his studio space, check out his new studio space, listen to him speak about his work and process, look at his work at our leisure, meet his kids, and just chill in his space.  He met privately with my friend Tabitha who is a great artist and gave her encouragement.  My friends Priah and Jada also came as well.  Charly also looked at some of my work which was totally daunting. It was a tough day because my Grandfather died that morning and my mom didn’t want to disappoint friends we had invited to meet us there so we went anyway.  Somehow my mom found a piece that Charly painted a while ago that looked like a portrait of my Grandfather, and she came home with that piece.  It was a very special day.



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