October 03


I went to PS 197 to watch Angel Joy Blue sing to the students in Cyndie Berthezene’s  Time In Kids Program because I cannot get enough of her voice and both she and Cyndie invited me to attend this appearance.  Coincidentally, I used to take art classes with Cyndie at HiArt! Opera & Art when I lived in NYC.  Cyndie now mostly focuses on her Time In Kids Program bringing opera and art to underserved schools and populations in NYC.  Because Angel was late, (and perhaps this was Cyndie’s plan all along…) Cyndie asked me to speak to the kids about my club.  It was shocked when she introduced me because I was not expecting to speak, therefore I had nothing specifically prepared to present to the students.  She asked me to tell them about my club and my experience with opera.  It was a life changing experience because I had never done anything like this before.   They kids were so engaged and quiet when I spoke.  They really listened to every word I said and I think they were surprised at what I had been up to because I too was also a kid.  I really enjoyed engaging with the kids because I felt like I brought a little light into the classroom and inspired the kids.  I got a lot of questions about my top hat and my shoes, as well as great questions about how I started my club and my fundraising.  It was  an experience I will never forget and I really hope to do more work with Time In Kids in the future, as we are working towards the same goal- bringing opera to the attention of more kids.

The video is posted to my facebook page- ill try to connect the link.



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