August 12


It doesn’t exist, neither in Barcelona nor in Spain, another tablao flamenco which gathers that often and that many important and distinguished artists, either living legends or young promises. In the heart of Las Ramblas in Barcelona since 1970, Tablao Cordobes is a small place inspired in Nasrid art, decorated under the direction of artisans and restaurateurs from the Patronato of La Alhambra. Under the direction of a passionate family of flamenco artists, this Tablao is the most important show restaurant in the city. It offers a very special traditional gastronomy with first quality local products.

“The Tablao is the authentic stage for flamenco. A privileged window through which the audience can watch the show in privacy, with the closeness and the warmth that will allow them to immerse themselves in this deep culture and discovers its charm (the “Duende”) thanks to a special stage.”

The intimate language of flamenco needs the requirements that the tablao provides to express itself:

  • The gathering of no more than 180 people around the stage, mimicking a flamenco familiar party, in which the artists show this part of the flamenco that cannot be learnt in academies. Even the humble wicker chairs are a recreation of these meetings.
  • Its vaulted, cave-like architecture, allows the natural and characteristic sound of flamenco, without microphones and devices, to sound clean and vibrating.
  • The continued improvisation of the artists, the mystery of the “Duende”. A playful game in which guitar, sing and dance dialogue with each other, inspire themselves and create through intuition. It is a form of creation impossible to learn outside the familiar environment that only appears in the tablao, where the young contemporary flamenco artists provide a prodigious technique both in the dance and in the guitar.

TEXT: Courtesy of Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona website