April 29


“The 8-feet tall letters, a collaboration between North American Properties (NAP), Midtown Alliance and Rick Sheppard of MacroTek, are designed to establish a sense of place and build awareness of the Midtown brand as the cultural core of the city.”

– The Atlanta Journal Constitution

“Curious about those giant, colorful “MIDTOWN” letters in the heart of, well, Midtown? Here’s your answer. According to the re-imaginers/developers of Colony Square, the 8-foot-tall, 40-foot-wide word on the corner of Peachtree and 15th streets “anchors” the mixed-use development and alerts visitors to exactly where they are.”

“The vibrant, interactive MIDTOWN installment creates an iconic anchor for our city within a city for the local community and visitors to enjoy,” North American Properties Vice President of Marketing Liz Gillespie said in a release. “These letters establish a sense of place and further enhance the Midtown brand as the cultural, connected, innovative core of Atlanta.” – (Original article source) – Curbed Atlanta

TEXT: Courtesy of http://www.macrotekservices.com