October 17


FRI SEP 19 2014 — SAT NOV 29 2014

Rudd van Empel (Dutch, b. November 21, 1958) is an artist from Breda, The Netherlands, best known for his work in the field of visual arts. Trained as a graphic designer, van Empel is known for using Photoshop and other computer programs in his works. He usually photographs several models and takes images of animals, plants, and other items in nature before using computer software to combine those elements. Many museums around the world have included his work as part of a permanent collection, including the C-Photo Collection in London, England, the Chaney Collection in Houston, TX, and The Generali Foundation in Vienna, Austria. His series Study in Green, which showed children in various tropical settings, is now available as a book. van Empel currently works and lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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