“KAOP IN CONVERSATION” is the culmination of Kids Opera & Art Posse Founder, Layla Felder’s, passion for the arts and 10 years as part of the art community.  Early on, when she would visit museums and opera houses she realized that due to both of their elitist connotations, the demographic was mostly older and many young people felt excluded, that they couldn’t understand those art forms and didn’t belong there. It has since been Layla’s goal to create the next generation of opera and art patrons, which requires a radically different approach of introducing people to art: making it accessible and translating it so that all can enjoy. After visiting hundreds of art exhibitions, lectures and gallery openings, and meeting numerous contemporary artists, gallerists and curators, she decided to attempt to bring both sides of the figurative canvas together during COVID through intimate artist talks and gallery tours.  Layla is trying to give a virtual glimpse of what she has sought to create during the KAOP outings; and intimate, active, interesting and joyful discussion about art that invites the viewer to connect with art and the featured artist.