February 09



In the face of past and present political and social oppression, Black people constantly and consistently continue to embody resilience, pride, and beauty. This exhibition demonstrates our ability to turn our pain into power through the unapologetic assertion of our joy, determination, and above all else – our right to exist as beautifully multifaceted humans in a world increasingly connected through social media. For many years, artists have used their talents to capture political, social, and historical aspects of the culture of Black people.

Today, Black people are speaking out against negative images and antiquated ideals through social media platforms and more specifically hashtags that integrate across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, to spread the vital message. Black people are not only bringing light to the constant hate and injustice, but are creating the portrayal of strength, courage, creativity, and pride. Through social media movements such as, #blackgirlmagic, #melaninpoppin, #blacklove, #blackboyjoy, and #blackowned, Black people have ignited a revolution of self-love and worth.

#PROUDBLACK pays homage to the history of Black people in America and to current social media movements focused on creating, proliferating, and uplifting self-affirming images of Black people, for Black.

TEXT: Courtesy of http://www.zucotgallery.com


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