September 07


Enter the vibrant world of Technicolor, an immersive installation in the Museum’s Anne Cox Chambers Wing featuring dramatic new works by Jaime Hayon (Spanish, born 1974). Hanging from the ceiling are six large-scale textiles based on designs Hayon created for last summer’s piazza installation Tiovivo (those murals are still on view at the Arts Center Marta Station). Hayon worked with the renowned Tilburg Textile Museum’s TextielLab in the Netherlands to weave the plush, dimensional surfaces on a modern Jacquard loom. The tapestries were thoughtfully constructed using a mix of traditional and non-traditional materials including mohair, Lurex, cashmere, and rubber. Six quirky, stacked ceramics with colorful, expressive designs are displayed on round pedestals dotting the floor. Hayon free-styled the surface designs with colored glazes. All of these new works showcase Hayon’s explorations in color and technique. The High commissioned all of these works as part of its ongoing commitment to enhancing its significant twenty-first-century design collection.

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