April 06



I believe that my artwork is not politically motivated or culturally eye catching; my pieces are meant to appeal to the human senses and heighten the experience. The works I have chosen “Mann in Blau” and “Waterlilies” fall into this realm. I wanted to create pieces that show depth in how I used the color palette in an attempt to propel a certain thought as well as shapes. Using a very varied palette of, watercolor, acrylic and ink I think it gave me a way to communicate on not only a visual level but also an emotional one. Its breaks out of the concept of reality and makes my works more versatile. The artworks that I have created are more abstract in nature and using subjects like landscapes, bodies of water and free flowing images have contributed to my works finding a different meaning for every viewer. My works can be seen as metaphorical poems which need to be interpreted in many different ways.
My work has the intention to guide and stimulate the imagination of the human mind. The themes of imagination and reality were often a contrasting choice for my creativity. I was clearly influenced by Kara Walker and Matthew James Taylor. The piece “Ausatmen” is my strongest as it shows the development of my concept and the experimental work with soap and water, which allows me to really put the emotions I want to communicate to the viewer on the canvas. Walker’s way of boldly presenting her own thoughts and feelings inspired me. It made me take my work on a larger scale and encouraged me to take a larger variety of texture and colors. This process provides a new perspective towards a semi-representational image that is sometimes called balancing imagination and reality.
The exhibition I have composed for my final, focuses around the viewer’s subconscious mind forming new ideas or perspectives. The vivid colors and organic shapes emphasize the fluidness of thought to and back from emotions. It is important to me that the viewer is inspired and forms an emotional connection to the pieces they encounter. I want to take the viewer on a journey of discovery. I have found myself to be an intuitive painter inspired by my emotions and of nature.