April 08


Kai Lin Art proudly presents our inaugural juried works on paper exhibition

Friday, April 8th, 2016
7:00 – 10:00 PM
runs through May 14

With 200+ artists submitting over 1,000 artworks, The New South features 69 national artists (and one from Sweden) each exploring the contemporary Southern experience through the versatile and dynamic medium of paper. The intent of this exhibition is to bring attention to the diverse range of artistic expression found in Atlanta, Georgia. Presenting The New South artists:

Ashley Anderson, Steven Anderson, Jamaal Barber, Robert Brown, Abby Bullard, Buzz Busbee, Joshua Chambers, InKyoung Chun, Laura Cleary, Rebecca Coll, Valentina Custer O’Roark, Diane Davis, Raymond DeCicco, Carlos Delgado, Jan DiPietro, Joe Dreher, Carly Drew, Michael Ezzell, Ashley Gattis, Melissa Harshman, Lisa Hart, Mary Hartman Parks, Stephanie Howard, Hwahyun Kim, Carl Janes, Anna Kenar, Brian Kendall, Susan Knippenberg, Lauren Kussro, Diego Lasansky, Dena Light, Michelle Martin, Steve McKenzie, Ron Meick, Kathy Meliopoulos, Andrew Muñoz, Tracy Murrell, Sarah Nathaniel, Eleanor Neal, Bora Choi Nepowada, Chris Neuenschwander, Lynx Nguyen, Christoph Nowak, Allison Parker-Shockley, Landon Perkins, Alejandro Prieto, Elmer Ramos, Donald Robson, Beatriz Rodriguez, Cassidy Russell, Hasani Sahlehe, Ashley L. Schick, Robert Sherer, Jaeyoun Shin, Tom Shutt, Spencer Sloan, Denise Stewart-Sanabria, Alison Stone, Wesley Terpstra, Dayna Thacker, Lance Turner, Thomas Turner, Laura Vela, Norman Wagner, Erik Waterkotte, Adam Wellborn, Fabian Williams, Lauren Wright, and Niki Zarrabi.

Text courtesy of Kailin Art www.kailinart.com/the-new-south