September 18


Following up on the High Museum’s successful 2013 exhibition of drawings by Atlanta-based artists titled Drawing Inside the Perimeter, this exhibition presents more than one hundred drawings acquired by the High between June 2013 and May 2015.

The exhibition acknowledges drawing as an independent artistic discipline with a long, rich history, one that represents a manner of thinking, composing, writing, or problem-solving among a plurality of contemporary art practices. Rather than considering drawing only as a preliminary stage in the process of creating a finished work in another medium, the exhibition reflects on drawing as a framework for the construction of knowledge and the communication of ideas.

Drawings in the exhibition act as a roadmap to the great diversity of artistic production in the Atlanta metro area, demonstrating the broad diversity of our region by expanding the reach of Drawing Inside the Perimeter to include twice as many artists, many who live and work outside the perimeter in outlying locales such as Athens, Columbus, Fairburn, Lawrenceville, Morrow, Smyrna, and elsewhere.

Works in the exhibition have been acquired through the Antinori Fund, which was established by Susan and Ron Antinori to support and advance artistic excellence among artists living and working in the Atlanta metropolitan area.


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